Joost Verlaan

Lawyer, Partner

Joost Verlaan has been employed as lawyer as of 2015. As of October 2017 Joost joined Bronsgeest Deur Advocaten. Joost studied law at the University of Tilburg, where he completed his Masters’ degree in Dutch law (track private law) in 2015. Following the completion of his degree he started his career as a lawyer at an Amsterdam law firm, focussing on issues related to Employment, Corporate and Sports Law.

In 2019 he completed a post-graduate course on employment law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Save

Joost is a member of the Association for Employment Lawyers in the Netherlands (VAAN) and the Association Sports and Law VSR (VSR). During the years 2020 – 2023, Joost was a board member of the Young Employment Lawyers Association (VJAA).

Joost specializes in all aspects of employment law including collective and individual dismissals, co-determination rights, collective bargaining agreements, equal treatment, senior management etc. Additionally, Joost has a specific focus on Sports law.

What clients say about Joost:

‘I work with Joost Verlaan and he is exceptional. He has been our go-to person for a couple of years and I love working with him. He really fits the profile of his firm. Down to earth, easy accessible, professional and fun. He has not let us down and we had some serious cases together. He advises us without pressure and gives his honest opinion on the pros and cons of our choices.’

from: Legal500

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Joost Verlaan


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Tilburg University, Postgraduate Course in Employment Law (PALA)