New legislation as of 1 August 2022: action points for employers

The Transparent and Predictable Employment Conditions Bill has been passed, without much debate, by the House of Representatives. The legislative amendments will enter into force on 1 August 2022 (following approval by the Senate). Employers are obliged by this law to implement a number of changes. In this article you will read about the five most important action points for employers.

Amend employment contracts (extension of information obligation)

Employees must now be given more extensive information about certain subjects when they take up employment. This includes, for example, the naming of normal working hours, entitlement to paid leave (such as parental leave and care leave), rules for overtime and reference hours or days for flexible workers. Employees must also be informed about the procedure and requirements in the event of termination and dismissal.

Most employers will therefore need to expand their provision of information to new employees. This can be adapted either in the employment contract or in a personnel handbook, unless already regulated in the collective agreement.

Employees who are already in employment at the time the new law takes effect can