How can we assist you?

We advise and litigate on all aspects of employment law. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the law. At the same time, we understand that commercial interests may come first. That is why we strive for pragmatic solutions and do not make things more complicated than necessary.

We mainly work for employers, but employees can also come to us. Our lawyers are up to date with the latest developments and are happy to share this knowledge through courses and publications.

We work closely with a permanent team of tax, pension and immigration specialists, enabling us to provide a comprehensive service that meets the specific needs of our clients.


Many of the cases we handle have international aspects. In doing so, we are used to working with HR and Ius Laboris have. We have a global reach and our clients can count on coordinated support for international projects.

100% focus on employment law

Disputes between employees and employers are usually resolved out of court. But in some cases, it is inevitable that a case will go to court. Bronsgeest Deur’s lawyers have an excellent track record in court proceedings.

Steeds meer wordt ook gekozen voor alternatieve conflictbemiddeling zoals mediation. Cathelijn Derks is naast advocaat ook gecertificeerd Mfn mediator en in gespecialiseerd in arbeidsmediations. Wij kunnen u daarnaast als advocaat ondersteunen tijdens een mediation traject. Wilt u weten hoe wij u kunnen helpen met mediation? Neem dan vrijblijvend contact op met Cathelijn Derks.

Whether it is a financial crisis that calls for immediate action, or optimising your company’s efficiency; Bronsgeest Deur offers support in the legal assessment of your reorganisation plans, employee selection and the impact of the changes on your staff. We are also experienced in negotiating with individual employees, works councils and trade unions and preparing all necessary documents.

When it comes to individual dismissal, you can turn to us for practical advice and ultimately support in terminating the employment contract. Our lawyers have extensive experience in employment disputes, fraud, integrity issues and undesirable behaviour. We deal with dismissal conditions on a daily basis and have an excellent track record in dismissal proceedings in court.

Bronsgeest Deur offers advice on all forms of co-determination. This includes not only advising companies on the establishment and advisory and consent rights of works councils, but also assisting organisations in proceedings with the works council.